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Which management area of your farming operations would you like to improve?


Are your staff management processes paper based?

FarmTrace standardizes your employee management by completely eliminating paper based processes and giving you detailed insight into your onboarding and contract management. 


  • Bulk Contract Addendums 
  • Digital Leave Request Approvals 
  • Critical Contract Notifications 
  • Customizable Reports for Staff Detail, Permanent & Seasonal Contracts, and Contractors. 

Do you actually know what your staff are busy with, on your farm on a daily basis?

With FarmTrace you are able to see live insights into who is doing what on the farm and how much each activity is costing you so you can make more informed decisions. 


  • Daily Timesheet Approvals  
  • Piecework Level Transaction Management   
  • Daily Job Costing Dashboards and Reports  
  • Shift Rule Management 
  • Detailed Overtime Reporting and Management 
  • Allowances & Bonuses 

Is your leave management currently a nightmare?

FarmTrace  equips your managers to instantly capture all types of leave requests on their mobile device and submit them for quick back-office approval without the need for staff to visit the HR office. 


  • Automated workflows to force all leave requests through configured business rules.
  • Capture and submit all leave types on your mobile device.
  • Enforce strict data capturing rules with required fields.
  • Full integration with your existing payroll software*.

Are you effectively capturing and managing disciplinary offences and hearings?

FarmTrace takes the emotion and headache out of managing your disciplinary processes by equipping your team to effortlessly capture offenses as they occur. 


  • Automated workflows to trigger your disciplinary management process based on your custom business rules.  
  • Effortlessly capture and submit all incident types on your mobile device.  
  • Enforce strict data capturing rules with required fields. 
  • Detailed reports and audit trails. 

Are you able to track your stock from the moment it's ordered until it is used?

FarmTrace’s stock management module consolidates stock management into a single platform with a standardized process so that you are able to keep track of all stock movements at any given point in time. 


  • Complete purchase orders with approval workflows. 
  • Consolidate stock information in a centralized system. 
  • Configure alerts according to your business rules for stock levels, movements or excessive usage notifications. 
  • Capture and manage stock transactions directly from mobile devices. 
  • Reduce duplication and data capturing with integration options. 
  • Real-time dashboards to monitor all aspects of your stock movement and levels. 
  • Capture photos of physical documents for extended record keeping. 

Do you trust your monthly stock take reports?

FarmTrace’s Stock Management Module provides accurate and comprehensive monitoring of stock items, mitigating losses due to over-usage, redundancy, and theft.  


  • Live view of all stock items and their locations. 
  • Detailed real-time high-level reporting into your entire stock inventory. 
  • Capture every step of the purchasing and usage process from your mobile device. 
  • Automatically apply stock level adjustments based on transactions. 
  • Full audit trail of purchase and usage processes. 
  • Alerts for partially completed orders. 

Are you wasting time recapturing stock data into your financial system?

FarmTrace’s stock management module integrates with your existing financial system* for seamless data flow. 


  • Integration with Sage, Xero, Acumatica and many other popular systems*. 
  • Comprehensive checks to ensure data integrity. 
  • Synchronized data from your primary source to ensure integrity. 

*See our full list of current integrations.


Are you planning, executing and reporting on your chemical and fertilizer tasking process in a single platform?

FarmTrace provides a task management module which allows you to consolidate all your tasking requirements and activities into a single, easy to use platform. 


  • Capture all required ingredients. 
  • Create recipes to ensure standardization.  
  • Ingredients and recipes automatically adjust stock levels. 
  • List the PPE, withholding period and active ingredient requirements for each task based on product labels. 
  • Allocate and keep track of all task progress. 
  • Automatic alerts for low stock values and withholding periods. 
  • Full view of all tasks and associated costs. 

Are you concerned about the accuracy and efficiency of the execution of your planned tasks?

FarmTrace ensures your planned tasks are executed correctly by making it easy to capture every detail of each step during the execution. 


  • Confirm correct block application through GPS tracking. 
  • Capture and manage data according to GLOBALG.A.P standards. 
  • Dispense chemicals/fertilizer to the required block as tasked. 
  • Ensure correct products are selected for each task. 
  • Real-time GPS based reporting into task progress and statuses. 
  • Capture in-progress task details at the source as they happen. 

Do you have detailed insights into each stage of your chemical and fertilizer programs?

FarmTrace’s tasking module empowers you with a range of comprehensive reports to give you the valuable insight you need. 

Detailed Reports For:

  • Stock quantities 
  • Cost reporting 
  • Active ingredients 
  • Chemical mixes 
  • Spray groups 
  • Rig calibrations 
  • Planned vs actuals 
  • Checks and balances 

Are your daily diesel transactions captured directly into a system and immediately available for analysis?

FarmTrace allows staff to capture diesel transactions, at source, accurately and efficiently in real time which gives you the ability to have insight into transactions as they happen. 


  • QR codes eliminate issues and loopholes to accurately capture every transaction 
  • Customized alerts for consumption based on business rules 
  • Capture odometer readings against each transaction 
  • Set up rules for dip checks to monitor fuel tank levels accurately 
  • Records captured offline are synced when connectivity restored 

Is compiling your energy data for a SARS rebate submission a head ache?

FarmTrace allows you to quickly and accurately generate reports to assist you in gathering the information required to submit your SARS submissions. 


  • Generate reports specific to fuel usage, activity, and consumption, providing comprehensive data for rebate calculations. 
  • Automatically generate fuel data in a format suitable for compiling your rebate calculations.

Do you have real-time insight into your diesel reporting or do your diesel reports take a long time to capture and analyze?

FarmTrace enables you to generate useful real-time reports which gives you valuable insights into every aspect of your fuel management process.


  • Access real-time reports on fuel consumption, enabling proactive decision-making.
  • Exception monitoring lets you identify and address any irregularities or exceptions promptly.
  • Analyze fuel transactions against specific assets, storage facilities, and cost centers.
  • Daily fuel usage reports.
  • Monitor fuel consumption patterns to optimize efficiency.

Is excessive paperwork turning Asset Management into a nightmare?

FarmTrace digitizes your whole Asset Management system and integrates QR codes to easily scan and capture accurate asset information. 


  • Perform all asset related operations directly from your mobile devices 
  • Electronic job card management 
  • Easily report on all your assets and any time 
  • Consolidate your full asset register into a single platform available from any device 
  • Easily search for any asset with ease 
  • Full asset management history 

Is your asset checklist process time-consuming and resource heavy?

FarmTrace allows you to complete inspections quickly and more accurately. 


Complete inspections electronically and easily with QR scanning. 

Customizable checklists for each asset. 

  • Access real-time inspection data providing instant visibility into the status of completed tasks. 
  • Comprehensive progress reports to track the status of asset inspections and ensure timely completion. 

Do unplanned breakdowns cause chaos in your workshop?

FarmTrace helps reduce chaos in your workshop by bringing all your workshop operations and related systems into a single platform which allows you to effectively plan your workshop. 


  • Automated notifications for service and inspection intervals. 
  • Maintenance tasks automatically notify you for required stock. 
  • Integration into your financial system* 
  • Full job card management. 
  • Detailed reports for maintenance schedules and information. 
  • Automatically track all costs associated with each job card. 

Simplify Compliance Management and Reporting

FarmTrace streamlines compliance management for you, eliminating the complexities and paperwork associated with meeting legislative requirements by consolidating your Farming, HR and Payroll data and providing all the reports you need for compliance submissions.   


  • Automatic legislative and feature updates from SARS and Department of Labour. 
  • Compliance standards include: GLOBALG.A.P, SIZA, Employment Equity, COIDA, WSP, UI19, SARS, BCEA. 
  • Automatically generate compliance reports (E.g. UI19 report automatically created on terminations). 
  • Automatic triggers for sending UIF declaration data to the Department of Labour. 
  • Ensure chemical and fertilizer instruction reports include all the required detail for compliance. 
  • Ensure storeroom stock is stored and managed according to compliance standards. 
  • Capture all compliance checklists electronically. 


Don’t worry if you’re already using another system to manage certain aspects of your farm operations. We offer full integration options. Here are some of our more popular integrations.


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